Interactive Workshop


What are your needs? Bring your most relevant challenge to the table and get closer to a solution with like-minded people!

From the beginning of Packbridge history, started in 2010, the Top Packaging Summit has always been a meeting point and a melting pot for the entire packaging value chain. More than 200 professionals, acting as a driving force for development of the industry, gather every year to discuss and find out new opportunities for cooperation and innovation. This year the focus is on the brand owners and retailer perspective. You will take a journey through the eye of this part of the value chain. You will get more insights and learn more about the opportunities and the needs within the industry. That is why the Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge is a major annual packaging conference.


What can you expect?

• It is an Interactive Conference for you, the open-minded, forward-thinking and ready to act professional.
• We will introduce inspiring international speakers
• We will present startups and entrepreneurs, who are pitching their ideas and innovative solutions. You will get to know their fresh views, unorthodox approach and opportunities they see for the entire packaging value chain.
• The workshop and open panel discussion will support and strengthen the interaction.


How we do it?

During the Top Packaging Summit you will participate in the different activities. We will guide you through the process of gaining insights working in a smaller group, put together in accordance with your specific wishes made during the registration. More specific about the workshop:


Part 1: Bring the most relevant challenge from your daily operations to the table. Present your challenge in a small group put together in accordance with the topic you selected during the registration. You are going to find yourself together with like-minded people sharing the same passion for the same topic. Discuss, decide and agree upon one big question – What is common?

Discuss topics such as:
Circular economy                                 Logistics
Design                                                Material
E-commerce                                        Recycling
Food Safety                                         Trends
Food Waste                                         Machinery

Missing a topic? Add your own during the registration.


Part 2: Finding solutions. Continue your work in the same group from the problem solving perspective. What kinds of solutions are possible?

After our intensive work together let us to enjoy an exquisite 3 course dinner, where the start-up winner will be announced. Relax and have fun!